If you want to convert a VMware Windows XP VMDK over to something like KVM there is a weird step to convert the disk controller interface over to IDE.


To do so is fairly simple as a matter of running MergeIDE on the machine. You may either download/copy the registry file over. But for future use you may want to create a small floppy image with the files already on it.

Download Merge IDE

You will first need to obtain MergeIDE.

  1. Download MergeIDE $ wget http://www.virtualbox.org/attachment/wiki/Migrate_Windows/MergeIDE.zip

Create Floppy Image

We create a small floppy image and copy the contents of MergeIDE on to it. This allows us to attach it to our virtual machine later.

  1. Create floppy image $ mkfs.msdos -C MergeIDE.img 1440

    Note: mkfs.msdos needs to be installed. If you run Arch Linux it is part of the dosfstools package

  2. Mount the MergeIDE.img Floppy image $ sudo mount -o loop MergeIDE.img /mnt
  3. Copy the MergeIDE folder over to the floppy $ cd /mnt && sudo unzip <path to MergeIDE.zip> && cd -
  4. The contents from the zip file should be on the floppy image now.
  5. unmount floppy $ sudo umount /mnt

Run MergeIDE

  1. Attach the floppy image to the Windows XP image and boot. $ qemu-system-x86_64 --enable-kvm -m 2048 -hda WINXP.qcow2 -fda MergeIDE.img
  2. Once it has booted. Login
  3. Start a command prompt Start => Run => cmd
  4. Merge the registry file

    A: reg import MergeIDE.reg


You should just reboot now.


Hope that helps.

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